Welcome to FireFx

This a website about taking photos, good bad or other other wise.

After a quicky google search I have decided that I have created a new term "photoblograhpy" I will endever to upload good quality images and not just crap off my phone however some things may be more about whats happening than about how well the image has been captured or thought out.

It also been a test to see how much of a website that I can code that automates it self once the photos have been uploaded.

Each of the images that you see displayed in the gallery menu are picked at random as the site loads. Pressing F5 will randomise them again. At the top of the page you can see an image that has been blown up to fill the screen. The image on the home page is picked at random from any the of the galleries listed. Once you visit a gallery the image at the top changes to reflect the gallery you are in but limiting the slection of random images to just that gallery.

Inital testing proved that even on an a very fast connection the idea of uploading just medium sized photos and letting the browser download the entire content proved very quickly to be a bad idea. Since then I have uploaded thumbnails to help the gallery load much faster.

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